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RGB color model is for the sensing, representation, and display of images in electronic systems, such as televisions and computers, though it has also been used in conventional photography.
The human view is Trichromatic, mediated by interactions among three types of color-sensing cone cells.


RGB INVASION are Z (vocals), G (bass).

The band was born with the idea of ​​giving their own interpretation of various films, chosen on the basis of a unitary concept: the negative, fearful and in some cases aggressive behavior of the masses towards what is different, even when diversity does not represent a threat.

The first record (self titled), in which Veronica Bordacchini (Flashgod Apocalypse) and Federico Paulovich (Destrage) took part, explores, on a musical level, three cinematic decades and opens with the recording of the reading of “War of the Worlds” by H.G. Wells, broadcast 30 October 1938 and starring Orson Welles.

In June 2023 they played with Butcher Babies in Milan
In April 2024 they toured the eastern part of europe with Eralise – WAKE UP TOUR

To contextualize each decade we find a short interlude built ad hoc to contain the major historical, social and musical events that characterized the period. The first 3 films are taken from the 50s, the next 3 from the 60s and the last 3 from the 70s, at the end of the disc there is a tenth song, instrumental, inspired by Alien (1979).

50s: The different is represented by an alien life form.

In the first case (The War Of The Worlds – 1953) this is actually hostile, in the second (The Day the Earth Stood Still – 1951) the alien is treated as a threat, even if in reality he tries to help the human species, while in the third (The thing – 1951), the entity is not evil, but performs actions, necessary for its survival, which are perceived as such.

60s: The different is man.

In the first scenario (Planet of the Apes – 1968), he is recognized as a self-destructive and harmful species for other animals, in the second (The Last Man on Earth – 1964), our species, now almost totally transformed into zombies, tries to kill the only remaining human man, finally in the third (Barbarella – 1968), the protagonist is considered an enemy because she clashes with a society governed by an entity that embodies and represents the concept of wickedness.

70’s: Man is different, but this time towards his own species.

The first piece (Rollerball – 1975) features a man seen as a threat to the world establishment due to his popularity, the second (THX1138 – 1971) takes place in a society where people are now completely devoid of feelings and they consider the only man left capable of love extremely dangerous; finally in the third (The island of Dr. Moreau – 1977), the population rebels against a man who manages to be considered as a semi-God, but in reality performs extremely harmful actions towards his fellow men.

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